2017 San Diego International Auto Show - KIA Adventures

It's 2017, what better way to start off the New Year by checking out the new KIA models! I partnered up with Kia with an opportunity to attend the 2017 San Diego International Auto Show. For those of you who have been following me through InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Snapchat or just here to visit my blog know that I have been extremely in love with Kia's line of vehicles. 

One of my favorite thing with Kia is how far they have come. I have to say that they did a big renovation of their line and it amazes me eachtime I think about it. When I sit in a Kia, I feel nothing but quality. I have driven a mixture of the 2015/2016 models and they do not disappoint. Can you imagine how excited I was to see the new 2017 line? The great thing is that I love the options and variety of models to fit any budget and lifestyle. People grow and people change. Plain and simple. That is the reality of it. Our needs change and it's great to have that comfort of knowing you can upsize or downsize with their available models. 

One of my favorites models, regardless if my kids will be off to college soo, making it just my husband and I is the Kia Sedona. It's just heaven. Yes, heaven. I truly feel stress-free and at ease no matter how hectic life can be. It puts you in order when life is on the go. You busy moms especially know what I mean. When you cannot get your schedule to calm down, you can calm down and sneak in that 15 minute or more nap in the reclining seats while waiting for your child to finish up practice. If you can't nap, you have the luxury to sit back and finish up other projects. That my dear readers, is luxury to me!

I also loved their cool concept car at the show which was the Kia Niro Triathlon. Wow! Just wow! It makes you feel great knowing that such creative and skilled minds are building these. My personal favorite thing I enjoyed at the Auto Show was that I got to test out the 2017 Kia Cadenza at the Kia Ride & Drive booth out front. They had so many models to choose from and because I have never drove the Cedenza, it was exciting to see what that vehicle was all about. I have to say I absolutley loved it! It felt so luxury with the comfortable seats, sleek trim on the dash and full interior, the sunroof, and the ultra smooth drive. I love the new feature called the 'Auto Hold' which allows you to let go of the brake at a red light and the car will stay put when it is enabled. What better way than to drive around in San Diego surrounded by palm trees!

Make sure you click the video above to see these amazing 2017 Kia models and me test driving the 2017 Kia Cadenza. I even got to meet the cool Soul Hamsters like Rasta, Roxy, and Arlo! Super fun and everyone was so friendly to help and answer any and all of our questions. If you were not able to make it to the San Diego Auto Show, visit the link below and check out if they have one coming your way! 


*I have been given compensation for this post by Kia Motors. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are MY OWN.