We often take so much for granted on a daily basis that we don't realize there are people who ache physically and emotionally in our community by being homeless. We cuddle in our warm blankets in a nice cozy bed ready to dream away. We wake up complaining about about the littlest things while there are those sleeping in the cold on the hard floors outside dreaming and hoping for warmth and survival of another day. We stand indecisive in front of our fridge and pantry full of food and still can't decide on what to eat. We close it as if it was poison while the homeless may not have had a meal for days. This year we took initiative to make some bags for the homeless. These included a sweater/jacket, blankets, food, water, first aid, hygiene necessities, gloves, and socks. 

Making Bags For The Homeless

This has truly touched our lives in such a different way and wish to continue this throughout the rest of the years to come. If we were stripped of all materialistic luxury, we are all the same people.  

Below is a video when we handed out bags to the homeless. Don't forget to check out my channel on how we made these bags. I hope this reaches out and encourages you to open your heart and help those who are in need. God bless.