2nd Annual Care Bags For The Homeless

This is our 2nd Annual Care Bags For The Homeless project in a row. It's been something that we've been wanting to do for quite sometime and with last year being our first time actually moving forward to do it. The first year was an experience we'd never forget. Here's videos from last year:

//Year 1 - Making The Care Bags
//Year 1 - Giving Care Bags To The Homeless

We use our own money to complete this project. We do ask for donations with old used clothing and blankets. If we do collect money, it will be through raising money from handmade goods such as my Red Velvet Gold Cake Truffles. These we're crafted and super cute. 

Once we had our funds, we then got to have even more fun with getting all the stuff for the Care Bags. We purchased the bags from AmVets. It just serves purpose to purchase there and the prices are amazing. We wash the items so they are nice and clean before we hand the bags out. We also did shopping at The Dollar Tree for majority of the items which included hygiene products and food products. We also went to a few other stores like Ross and Target to purchase thermal socks and underwear. We did get some cases of water that was donated by Penske for the homeless. We had fun putting it all together. We did some final touches of putting a positive note in each bag. 

Before we passed the bags out, we stopped at McDonald's and purchased a whole lot of hamburgers so we can give each person a few hamburgers to eat. We also provided them a lotto scratcher. The best part in all this was the conversations with them and seeing that even though they don't have much, they are one of the most humble beings you can ever meet. They are people too. Sometimes people look upon them as if they are not human. We never know a person's story and circumstance. It doesn't take much to give each other love and hope. 


We often take so much for granted on a daily basis that we don't realize there are people who ache physically and emotionally in our community by being homeless. We cuddle in our warm blankets in a nice cozy bed ready to dream away. We wake up complaining about about the littlest things while there are those sleeping in the cold on the hard floors outside dreaming and hoping for warmth and survival of another day. We stand indecisive in front of our fridge and pantry full of food and still can't decide on what to eat. We close it as if it was poison while the homeless may not have had a meal for days. This year we took initiative to make some bags for the homeless. These included a sweater/jacket, blankets, food, water, first aid, hygiene necessities, gloves, and socks. 

Making Bags For The Homeless

This has truly touched our lives in such a different way and wish to continue this throughout the rest of the years to come. If we were stripped of all materialistic luxury, we are all the same people.  

Below is a video when we handed out bags to the homeless. Don't forget to check out my channel on how we made these bags. I hope this reaches out and encourages you to open your heart and help those who are in need. God bless. 


This is our second year our family has volunteered for San Diego Food Bank's - Run For The Hungry 5K/10K Marathon on Thanksgiving Day. It is really a rewarding experience to be able to see a lot of people sign up for the run which is a wonderful cause that helps raise money for the hungry. It's also fun seeing all the people and their animals dressed up as turkeys. We wake up on Thanksgiving morning at about 4:15 am and leave the house at 5:00 am because we need to check-in at 5:30 am. It's still dark, but there are quite a few people standing in line to volunteer. 

We enjoy spending time and providing our time to help our community. We want our children to see the 'world' in the great eyes of God. We see so many things on the news with fear and negativity. I want to ensure that my family can see the greater part of our communities by doing and being part of the greater good. It not only has opened their eyes, but their hearts. 

Get involved in your community. Check our your local listings of what they offer in your community. If you are in San Diego and would like to volunteer, check out their website:

San Diego Food Bank


This has been a tradition for my family on Thankgiving Day. We wake up and help volunteer our time to help the needy. 2013 we volunteered to help with Run For The Hungry 5k and 10k race. We spent 5 hours with checking runners in, setting up, and etc. It was an amazing day, an amazing feeling, and worth every second of it. There was food for all and great to see the needy come for a bite to eat. This was held at the Horton Plaza circle near the ice skating rink. We cannot wait for next year! Our Thankful Thanksgiving. Can't wait for next year!

2013 SD Food Bank - Run For The Hungry Video


My husband left for a few days on business and upon his return we got the chance to help the community with an organization my husband is in which is San Diego Marine Aquarium Society and sdreefs.com. We spent a beautiful afternoon being part of the beach cleanup at Mission Beach with lots of great volunteers. We had awesome sponsors. Sycuan Casino being one of them. There were games, food, and lots of fun. Everyone received a t-shirt as a thank you for helping keep our beaches clean.