New Kids On The Block Total Package Tour - Viejas Arena | June 1, 2017

My husband is one stubborn, loving man. No matter how many times I tell my husband to not get me anything for my birthday, he will still manage to go out and sneak his way to buy me a gift. This can even be as simple as flowers. I came home from work ready to cook dinner but instead, he came home early to cook up a feast with my kids. He then presented me concert tickets to the New Kids On The Block Total Tour Package! They tour with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul. The concert was at the Viejas Arena located at SDSU on Thursday, June 1, 2017. This was exciting for me because this was my very first concert! 

When I was a young girl, I was a hardcore NKOTB fan girl. Life was New Kids On The Block with every magazine, poster, pins, VHS videos, pajamas, every cassette album, and the list goes on. There was not one space open on my wall that they had to overlap to the ceiling. I wanted to attend one of their concerts so bad but we unfortunately could not afford it. Plain and simple, it was not even an option for me to think I'd be able to go unless I can try to win it on the radio. Back then we didn't have the internet and everything was having to go to the venue to purchase. remember trying and trying to win tickets on the radio and the worst sound to ever hear was the busy signal over and over again. I gave up. As I got older and got married, I had it tucked away in one particular box as I got older. When we were moving out of our first home, we had so much items we donated to Goodwill and guess what box was in that pile? I was heartbroken because that was a part of my childhood. 

The concert seats were shockingly amazing considering he got the tickets not far from the date of the concert. The seats were towards the side of the stage, but not too far from the stage. The opening performances were Boyz II Men and they are truly amazing and so very talented. Just hearing them acapella and their songs brought good memories back when I was in high school. We can dedicate their songs to loved ones because the whole song would actually have a meaning behind it. It told a story and was meaningful. Maybe I am still a bit old fashioned and still stuck in the 80's and 90's, but music has definitely changed in this new generation. Paula Abdul brought it back making me feel back in elementary and junior high school days. Paula did not age a bit! What is her secret?!!! I really enjoyed her music as a youngster. She was an icon that everyone loved even if she didn't last that long musically to continue on with new albums thereafter. Her songs were an icon to bring you back to a great era in the late 80's. I really enjoyed her performance!

When NKOTB came to stage, the anxiety was just overwhelming and I felt like a young girl again. I went back in a time capsule and when they spit out numbers to how many years it has been, I was thrown off guard because it's been so many years that I have been just this mature grown up for so long! They sang so many songs from all of their albums and my soul felt worry-free and just in a full realm of happiness during the concert. Even if it was only a few short hours, I could be in this realm a lot longer. Here's a post of my concert videos if you'd like to join me being there.


My daughter lucked out with getting some really amazing tickets. Her best friend Annie and her are Kpop fans and indulge in their music along with the whole KDrama scene. They attempted to buy tickets once to KCon but tickets sold out in a matter of less than five minutes. Sadness was all that came about when they did not score any tickets. They tried to buy tickets for the BTS Wings Tour in Anaheim for April 1st, but that also sold out in a matter of 4 minutes. With great news, they opened another day of April 2nd, 2017 and unfortunately we were not able to score any tickets. With the fate of one call from my daughter's best friend Annie, she lucked out on several tickets that were in the PIT! I have to say, $250 was a lot of money, but the moment was priceless. My daughter was stoked and overjoyed to be able to go with her best friend and experience a once in a lifetime event. 

The amazing part of this was that at least my husband and I was able to have a date and spend some quality time together without any kids. However, we were able to get an amazing deal on the new hotel in Irvine called Homewood Suites that not only was brand new, but had a full kitchen, living room, dining room, separate room and get this...our 2 dogs got to stay free. It saved us money from spending no boarding. The suite was so comfortable and cozy. I highly recommend your stay there. A full hot breakfast is included along with an Evening Lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks. 

My daughter was not stressed getting ready for the concert and it wasn't too far from the Honda Center in Anaheim. She was enjoying her weekend and getting energized to go scream crazy at the concert. I posted her experience in our vlog below so you can also see BTS on stage as well. The footage was as close as she can get as she was enjoying her time watching them live in person. I mean, it is hard to hold a camera while your busy screaming and going ballistic at the same time. Overall, we are so happy she got to have so much fun! Well worth making the memories!



2017 San Diego International Auto Show - KIA Adventures

It's 2017, what better way to start off the New Year by checking out the new KIA models! I partnered up with Kia with an opportunity to attend the 2017 San Diego International Auto Show. For those of you who have been following me through InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Snapchat or just here to visit my blog know that I have been extremely in love with Kia's line of vehicles. 

One of my favorite thing with Kia is how far they have come. I have to say that they did a big renovation of their line and it amazes me eachtime I think about it. When I sit in a Kia, I feel nothing but quality. I have driven a mixture of the 2015/2016 models and they do not disappoint. Can you imagine how excited I was to see the new 2017 line? The great thing is that I love the options and variety of models to fit any budget and lifestyle. People grow and people change. Plain and simple. That is the reality of it. Our needs change and it's great to have that comfort of knowing you can upsize or downsize with their available models. 

One of my favorites models, regardless if my kids will be off to college soo, making it just my husband and I is the Kia Sedona. It's just heaven. Yes, heaven. I truly feel stress-free and at ease no matter how hectic life can be. It puts you in order when life is on the go. You busy moms especially know what I mean. When you cannot get your schedule to calm down, you can calm down and sneak in that 15 minute or more nap in the reclining seats while waiting for your child to finish up practice. If you can't nap, you have the luxury to sit back and finish up other projects. That my dear readers, is luxury to me!

I also loved their cool concept car at the show which was the Kia Niro Triathlon. Wow! Just wow! It makes you feel great knowing that such creative and skilled minds are building these. My personal favorite thing I enjoyed at the Auto Show was that I got to test out the 2017 Kia Cadenza at the Kia Ride & Drive booth out front. They had so many models to choose from and because I have never drove the Cedenza, it was exciting to see what that vehicle was all about. I have to say I absolutley loved it! It felt so luxury with the comfortable seats, sleek trim on the dash and full interior, the sunroof, and the ultra smooth drive. I love the new feature called the 'Auto Hold' which allows you to let go of the brake at a red light and the car will stay put when it is enabled. What better way than to drive around in San Diego surrounded by palm trees!

Make sure you click the video above to see these amazing 2017 Kia models and me test driving the 2017 Kia Cadenza. I even got to meet the cool Soul Hamsters like Rasta, Roxy, and Arlo! Super fun and everyone was so friendly to help and answer any and all of our questions. If you were not able to make it to the San Diego Auto Show, visit the link below and check out if they have one coming your way!

*I have been given compensation for this post by Kia Motors. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are MY OWN.



Legoland invited me to the wonderful annual event of their 2016 Tree Lighting Ceremony which makes it their 14th year of this great tradition. General Manager Peter Ronchetti spoke about some new and exciting things that are coming in the next few years such as a Castle Hotel in front of the Sea Life Aquarium which has 250 rooms and more! Celebrity from the hit show Castle, Stana Katic, Santa, and Lego Friends really put some holiday spirit into this event with a donation check, great music performances, and of course Santa!! The final finish to lighting the tree was the amazing fireworks! 

A wonderul experience this was to bring in the holiday cheer and holiday spirit. So many great sites to see at the Legoland California Park this holiday season with your family! Check out their website below for some great deals!

You can also come with us and experience Legoland's Tree Lighting Ceremony through our vlog below!


There was just so much to see at Legoland California's 2016 Brick-Or-Treat Party Nights! It's a fun way to spend a safe Halloween with fun rides, shows, trick-or-treating, costumes, delicious food, and the amazing decorations which gives you that Halloween holiday feel. I have older children and it's a place for all ages. What I liked a lot was that there were many spots you can take photos at. The day was bright and the night was perfect San Diego weather to enjoy the lights and music around the park. 

See us enjoy our day at Legoland California's Brick-Or-Treat Party Nights in our vlog that I posted above. If this is something you missed out this year, there is always next year to enjoy such cool festivities! 

**Admission was complimentary on behalf of Legoland. All opinions are honest and based on my own experiences.

2nd Annual Care Bags For The Homeless

This is our 2nd Annual Care Bags For The Homeless project in a row. It's been something that we've been wanting to do for quite sometime and with last year being our first time actually moving forward to do it. The first year was an experience we'd never forget. Here's videos from last year:

//Year 1 - Making The Care Bags
//Year 1 - Giving Care Bags To The Homeless

We use our own money to complete this project. We do ask for donations with old used clothing and blankets. If we do collect money, it will be through raising money from handmade goods such as my Red Velvet Gold Cake Truffles. These we're crafted and super cute. 

Once we had our funds, we then got to have even more fun with getting all the stuff for the Care Bags. We purchased the bags from AmVets. It just serves purpose to purchase there and the prices are amazing. We wash the items so they are nice and clean before we hand the bags out. We also did shopping at The Dollar Tree for majority of the items which included hygiene products and food products. We also went to a few other stores like Ross and Target to purchase thermal socks and underwear. We did get some cases of water that was donated by Penske for the homeless. We had fun putting it all together. We did some final touches of putting a positive note in each bag. 

Before we passed the bags out, we stopped at McDonald's and purchased a whole lot of hamburgers so we can give each person a few hamburgers to eat. We also provided them a lotto scratcher. The best part in all this was the conversations with them and seeing that even though they don't have much, they are one of the most humble beings you can ever meet. They are people too. Sometimes people look upon them as if they are not human. We never know a person's story and circumstance. It doesn't take much to give each other love and hope.