Oh the wonderful world of Pennsylvania! We had an amazing time in PA. We got the chance to see my in-laws memory lane when they were stationed in Pittsburg for 3 or 4 years. We went to their old home, their old elementary school, to visit a few friends and some of their favorite eateries that you don't find here in the west. Some of the roads are still layered in brick and rocks. How amazing is that? The historical look and the homes gave it a real home feel surrounded by greenery. Quiet and peaceful. We went to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube. They have a huge assortment of chicken wings and also serve peirogies. Delish! Sorry, the west has no competition. Our next mouthful of goodness was at Rita's which sells frozen custard and italian ice. Oh my goodness, if they had one in the here...that's where you can find me all the time. 

We passed a few historical landmarks, went to the science center, and stopped in Hershey. Yes, we went to the Chocolate Factory and had a blast! Loved it! My daughter was in heaven. We took a tour that showed us how they make chocolate and their candy. They also had ice cream,. candy, chocolate milk and all the other goodness. We loved our tour of Pennsylvania.