Up and early to take the ferry from New Jersey to New York. Great to see the history of the train tracks of the old train station which we now take to the ferry. It's pretty cool to be able to take a quick ferry across the waterfront to another 'state'. The 'Big Apple' that is. It was a bit warm but oh so perfect out. The picture above is us in New Jersey with New York distanced in the background. What a captured moment. My in-laws have the exact same background before 9-11 which has the Twin Towers.


Our first day in the East Coast, we went to Atlantic City. It was different. We went at night and right by the beach. We seen the different hotels, but more so, spent time on the pier walking. We went to a few arcades where kids can actually play the slot machines? Say what? They also had stands with a whole selection of hot, roasted nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, etc. They also had extreme funnel cakes and deep fried everything. 

We got to walk to the beach shore at night and was really nice! Just chillaxed and looked at the lights. It was a different feel from Las Vegas, although they both are a strip of casinos. AC wasn't as hyped up as Las Vegas, but definitely a calm, relaxed, and fun time!


Our visit to the East Coast was in purpose to visit my brother-in-law who made it to Princeton University. How awesome is that? It felt like Harry Potter enrolled at this college, haha. I must admit, it was beautiful. We were surrounded by lots of trees and greenery, castle like buildings, quietness, friendly people and lots of space. The campus was so big, they even had a church built on site. The town was of its own and peaceful. We ate at PJ's Pancake House across the street which had delicious grub. After, we did some 'Princeton' shopping.

Our kids are absolutely wonderful in school, but it's amazing to be able to bring our kids to different college universities such as Princeton. To be able to have our kids surrounded by a positive environment with such a loving, supportive, great family is priceless. My kids were able to see the reality that if you can dream it, you can live it. It IS possible.