Washington D.C. was one of the stops we hit when cruising on our road trip along the east coast. We wanted to go to one of the popular food stops called Chesapeake Bay's Finest. They had a bunch of different vendors there selling fresh seafood. They will cook it there for you so you can eat it right when you order it. The day we went was just horrendously hot...and humid. Standing in long lines and then waiting for your number to be called was a bit uncomfortable. I do gotta say, well worth the wait. We ordered up crab, shrimp, chowder, calamari, wedges, fresh lemonade for some good grubbin'. 

We then drove to the White House and the Monument. It was traffic so we got dropped off and my mother-in-law was going to pick us up in a few to allow us to take pictures and get a good glimpse of these historical landmarks. We were able to snatch a few pics of the monument but then we felt a few rain drops fall on us. No wonder it was humid. It seemed to have stopped for awhile. We then went across the street to see the White House and walked the huge grassland. We can see snipers walking the top of the White House. We then started to feel rain drops again and rushed to sneak in some pictures. It was hard to smile when your face is getting hit with rain. We hurried up and packed up the camera and thought...'oh no, we're stuck out here until my mother-in-law drives back around to swipe us back up. Hopefully soon!'. The rain fell so fast on us as we dashed thru the grass field to hide under a tree. We were having a blast just laughing the whole way through and getting soaked. We were lucky to find a big enough tree and spot our ride. We made a dash for it and we all giggled along the way to our next destination.