Niagara Falls is by far one of the funnest, most beautiful places I visited in the East Coast. We went in August of 2011 where the weather was nothing but perfect. Full of greenery, water, fresh air, and right smack on the border between US and Canada. We went on the boat ride Maid of the Mist which circles down the waterline connecting US and Canada. The sound of the crashing waterfalls, the mist of fresh water, the scenic view of the banks that enclose you just bring you to another level of ahhhhh. 

We later went to Cave of the Winds which takes you down the stairway to the waterfall. This was the most amazing experience that leaves you shaking with excitement. You will, without a doubt get soaked. This is not like a Six Flags or Disneyland type of hype. It was better! Walking that stairway and touching the bottom of the falls with your fingertips was powerful. The closer you get to the top, you encounter the 'Hurricane Deck' which showers you in all this excitement. I was like a child screaming on the top of my lungs,holding my kids hands as we were all jumping up and down so worry free and careless. The best part is that we didn't have care in the world! When we were done, our voices were coarse and our hearts were still pumping full of joy. Good thing we took a big family picture before getting soaked. 

We also took the little trolley tour that drives you around Niagara which passes Rainbow Bridge. The bridge that you simply walk across and end up in Canada. How awesome is that? We grabbed lunch and then headed out to tour the rest of East Coast.