New York. We love New York. It was a different atmosphere. A different feel when you are actually in the city versus watching it on television. It looks gigantic on TV, but when you are there, it feels like a well fit shoe or a snug jacket. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I guess it's because it's so fast paced, shoulder to shoulder room, and people are too much into their own business they need to take care of. 

We stayed in the center of Times Square at the Marriott. Right across the gigantic Forever XXI. Our view was beautiful. The lights, the city, the people, and the rain. It was warm, so the rain wasn't a bother at all. We walked Times Square, roamed Rockafeller Center, passed the NBC building, Radio City and took the subway to the rebuild of the Twin Towers. The subway....I have always wanted to go on one. To see what it felt like. I can say when we went, it was hot as an oven down in the tunnels. Hot. Musty. Humid. 

We finally got to Manhattan and walked to the Twin Towers which was no longer standing. Oh, the saddness our hearts felt! I will say this and will never in my life forget the feeling my husband and I felt the closer we got to it. My husbands family was stationed in Pennsylvania when the 9-11 happened and near the hit when it hit Pennsylvania. My mother-in-law told me the smell was unforgettable when they drove around certain perimeters because the aftermath was so much. There is a church and a cemetary a few feet away. For some reason, a light brisk walk became so dense and heavy. It was unexplainable. It felt like my insides were being smashed or so very heavy that I was having a hard time breathing or moving. There was a saddness that was being pulled like as if it was trying to scream but no one can hear. It's not the heavy you feel carrying a heavy bag or as if you walked 10 miles. This was an odd, weird, scary feeling. Even 10 years later after the 9-11. I didn't say anything until my husband mentioned he had a dense feeling on him there. The weird thing was when we walked further away it started to weigh off. I know those grounds will always be covered in memory of one of the most traumatic experiences ever. 

We did quite a lot in New York. We also went to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown, etc. It was fantabulous. The chinese restaurant we went to was a quick eatery with a whole row of food. You pick your 3 entree combination and get a soda for a little over $3. Crazy. The Statue of Liberty was awesome. Lots of tourists of course. You take the ferry to both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We also had to try Juniors. You can't go to NY if you don't plan to have NY cheesecake and NY pizza. The NY cheesecake was really dense and not as sweet as the ones you will find her in the west. You can really taste the creamed cheese instead of it being overpowered by sugar. The pizza was delish. It was thin crust and light sauce and yummy ingredients. It's equal to Landini's in Little Italy of San Diego. I guess that's why I absolutely love their pizza!! We also went to the Toy's R Us in Times Square. Huge! There is a ferris wheel right in the center, an ice cream parlor downstairs, and Barbies house upstairs. Amazing. We also did some fun shopping. My son bought some Nike's at the huge Footlocker there and I wanted to buy a....that's right...a Gucci! Hahahaha, but I think not. We went to eat some filet mignon, ribeye, ribs, and NY steak to give ourselves a good treat! Heck yeah! I can go on and on with our trip. I'll just post some pics below. Hope you enjoy.