About me


Aloha! My name is Jessica Olivia and I am a wife, mother, daughter and a full-time working woman in the corporate world.

I am a woman who is in her 40's with an old school 80's & 90's soul. I'm a happy wife who has been with my husband for 23 years and counting. Along that, we have 2 children, Angelo and Aileiahlani who both have graduated from high school and chasing their dreams. I'm also a career woman who has been working throughout the years of my children's childhood. We had no babysitters and my husband and I made it work between our schedules without missing a moment of our children's upbringing while keeping our marriage strong. It all takes daily effort and each day is a different day. Yes, this is possible and I can attest to that. Family will always be first in our lives.  

Although social media has it's hype, I still stay and slay in my own lane. I am not one to follow trendsetter crowds being a hype beast. I like to keep my own interests personal and even some of it private. I don't watch television nor do I care what celebrities do with their life, but take me to the movies and I am game! I like to keep my environment positive and in that hope that I can share and inspire some meaningful things to your life. Go ahead and browse the menu and hope you enjoy.